The FPÖ, Green and Pink or maybe even the Sozis, because you can really get them at the rooting table.


The FPÖ, Green and Pink or maybe even the Sozis, because you can really get them at the rooting table. Austria will vote in three months. what is your goal? Peter Pilz: Winning the elections because we have no other choice. Imagine an Austrian National Council without us. That would be the first National Council since 1986 without real opposition. The chancellor question has been decided:


becomes chancellor. I think that’s terrible, but hopefully it’s the last time. The question is: Who will be Kurz’s sidewalk? The FPÖ, Green and Pink or maybe even the Sozis, because you can really get them at the rooting table.

We’re the only ones who don’t want to have anything to do with Kurz because we have nothing in common. In this election I want to create a strong antithesis to the right-wing bloc in Parliament, and much better than what we have done up to now. And in the election for that, I want the big change, a new majority against the right-wing bloc.

“If we didn’t exist, Kurz would still be Federal Chancellor.”

Realistically, you see surveys at around one percent at the moment … Now we’re going up again! We did a lot wrong for 1.5 years and did a lot well. Those were typical childhood years. You can learn a lot from it and the work of the last few weeks alone is bearing fruit. If we didn’t exist, Kurz would still be Federal Chancellor. I personally convinced the SPÖ that you can fall short. But then they got into a frenzy and immediately, which was a big mistake, threw the whole government out.

© APa / Pfarrhofer Peter Pilz on a possible departure from the National Council: “I’m very relaxed about that”

If a return to the National Council does not work out, what happens next? I don’t know, but we’ll think about that, I’m very relaxed about that. I’ve always tried something politically and very often people have said that it can’t be done. But that’s what we are specialists for: If something doesn’t work, we’ll show you how. I think a lot of people understand that there has to be reliable opposition to the next Kurz government because there will be the short butt. The question is whether there will be the mushroom sting in the short buttocks.

“The Greens have always come to us.”

After the EU election, you talked about a possible

joint candidacy with the Greens

. Is that still an issue? The Greens have always come to us. The

Werner Kogler

always came to us and said: let’s sit down, let’s negotiate.

So, did you negotiate? Yes, there have been two meetings and attempts have been made to meet me. But I said that I am available for official talks, but not secret talks. The funny thing is: Werner Kogler kept talking to me and then copied us 1: 1. I have been saying for five years: Opposition bank, government bank, dock – now Werner keeps saying that.123helpme cancel account

Doesn’t it sound like you can get together? Coming together is a different story. In principle, I think it’s important that the Greens come back in. And I also think it’s good that they put two or three people who are really ecologically qualified. Unfortunately, they usually have rather strange people on their lists, guardians of virtue like Sigi Maurer but no highly qualified lawyers and attorneys. Unfortunately, it looks a bit like the Greens again, who were voted out in 2017.

“You can’t have a common list, they’re two different projects. But we are definitely not enemies. ”

So no common cause? That will not do! We do not come together on issues such as political Islam, the headscarf or whether women’s rights are indivisible. In addition, the Greens are a milieu party that does not trust itself to win simple protest voters and take away from the FPÖ. But I say: we have to get right in there. That’s why we’re now zigzagging, and that also applies to community housing. And if we split it up and the Greens take care of the green milieu, we will support that. But if you negotiate with Kurz about the formation of a government, we will certainly not be there. And that’s why a common list doesn’t work, it’s two different projects. But we are certainly not enemies.

Zackzack, this is your “Aufdeckermagazin” that you presented last week. How’s it going? It drives like the fire department! The server crashed on the first day. We are the first to build a media alliance on the left that is comparable to that of the right. We have to counter things like “Uncensored” or “Alles Roger”.

You are the editor of Zackzack. Is that your plan B, should it not work out with your return to the National Council? No, this is plan A. This is part of plan A.

© APa / Eggenberger The greatest success of the list Now? “The motion of no confidence against Kurz”

The Now list has been represented in Parliament since 2017. What was your greatest achievement? The motion of no confidence. Kurz was racing in the fast lane at 200 km / h and everyone was kneeling on the hard shoulder and said: For God’s sake, nobody will stop him. With his fall, however, he lost the stage of the Chancellor and with it an incredible amount. Since then he’s bumped over the hard shoulder and has one problem after the other: instead of meeting with heads of state in Pinzgau in Brussels with young farmers is something else. And without the free chancellor reporting in the ZiB, he has already retracted 15 percent minus.

“Give a top socialist a pair of pants and the only guarantee they have is they’ll be full in ten minutes.” «

But will he still be Chancellor again? Yes, for one simple reason: The SPÖ’s complete headlessness. She screwed up every chance. Give a top soci, a federal executive, a pair of pants and the only guarantee they have is: they’ll be full in ten minutes.

But apart from the mistakes that the SPÖ makes, Kurz is still very popular. Why do you think that is so? It’s a mixture of talent, a perfect PR machine and the beginning of the synchronization of the media.


ÖVP party donations

caused a stir in the last few days. Specifically, it was about a denomination of these in order not to have to disclose them. This is currently not prohibited … The denomination was illegal, this is a circumvention of this disclosure process. But it is not yet criminal because it is not a criminal offense.

Would more transparency be sufficient here or what else would be needed to counteract this? First: A duty of transparency. Like a tax office, the audit office should be able to look into every document, but they are not allowed to. Second: a limit on individual donation. Third: Sensitive penalties for exceeding the election campaign cost limits. But you have to make it so expensive that the ÖVP can feel it. A simple solution would be a fine equal to the entire election campaign costs. In addition, laundering of donations would have to be defined as a criminal offense and there would have to be a ban on donations from public companies or companies that have public contracts.

»This is Austria: That two people have to go to Ibiza and bump into each other pointlessly so that we can find out what we already knew. «

Let’s take a step back: The fact that Kurz fell at all depends of course on him

Ibiza video

together. What was your first reaction when you saw it? On the one hand, I thought that I always trusted Gudenus to be so stupid – Strache less so – and on the other hand, that these are exactly the cash registers we have always talked about. This is Austria, that two have to go to Ibiza and bump into each other pointlessly so that we can find out what we already knew.

So didn’t it surprise you? I was surprised that they are so stupid. But not very much either. The interesting thing about Ibiza was that they finally told the truth for once.

Does the video show a moral picture of Austrian politics? Not of Austrian politics but of the FPÖ and ÖVP. There is no difference between the two when it comes to illegal party financing, only: An Ibiza video with short and sweet notes is unthinkable because they are professionals. And the professionals sat in Vienna and broke the government with the video and the amateurs sat in Ibiza and made confessions while drunk.

»In Austria you can buy politics and laws and you don’t need that much money to do so. «

How do you see the whole six weeks after that: Did the video also have something good because it is now changing a lot? Every confession is good. It also resulted, for example, in the confession of Karl Nehammer (General Secretary of the ÖVP) about the donors of the ÖVP. And many more confessions will follow. I am convinced that Austria has one of the most corrupt systems in Europe. In Austria you can buy politics and laws and don’t need that much money to do so.

Also interesting:

Peter Pilz calls for an affidavit from Kurz

Heinz-Christian Strache

also put all sorts of things up for sale in Ibiza. Even so, sooner or later he will probably return to politics … Then we will have to talk about it and then we will have to argue about it and then voters will have to decide whether they think it is okay. In my opinion, Strache and Gudenus can at best become mayors of the Schneeberg after everything they have done.

Another topic: You yourself have made a name for yourself as an uncoverer and in the course of many U committees. Is Austria well equipped with offspring here? Is there anyone who could follow you one day? For example, Daniela Holzinger was enormously strong in the Eurofighter Committee, she bites her way into it, she’ll be fine. But yes, I’m already approaching old age, I don’t know how much longer I’ll keep doing it. I have often asked myself why there is only this office here that does that. That has to do with me too, but basically it is because we have options that others don’t. We are the only project that consists of investigative, journalistic research and parliamentary control. The Greens, for example, have no one on their list of candidates who can really control, not even Werner Kogler. And the others never paid any attention to it.

© APA / Huter Pilz, a veteran in the National Council. What has changed in over 30 years? “A lot.”

You have been on the National Council for over 30 years – with interruptions. What has changed during this time? A lot. It was tough when I got to Parliament, but trying to deal with as many details from private life as possible was unthinkable. But then I also had my own personal experiences, that was extraordinary …

“The biggest change in politics is that suddenly everything becomes conceivable again. «

I grew up as a Member of Parliament at a time when we were all convinced that borders were disappearing, that Europe was growing together, that war was no longer possible. We don’t believe that anymore. The biggest change in politics is that suddenly everything becomes conceivable again. As Erik Hobsbawm said, we live in “interesting times” when anything is possible. And in such crisis situations, great politics means recognizing opportunities. Then the bottom line is that more freedom, more climate protection, more justice, … will come out. But we can also lose to an extent that we cannot all imagine.

The extraordinary, personal experiences that you address are still in the mind of many people. How do you deal with that? By now warning everyone to make false accusations. Back then I did something that I would do again, namely to deal with it as respectfully and sensitively as possible and not only enable a constitutional investigation, but also support it.

But we have to find a culture where there is clear sanction when false accusations are made. Can you just do that and then get back to business? Can you simply say “The rule of law has clarified this, but we suspect you”? Because it happens everywhere.

And then there is now a party – we’ll talk about it publicly – in which I have the impression that at least a few have sniffed half the snow mountain and at the same time demanded maximum fines for drug dealers.

So on the one hand you have to be careful that the personal integrity of people is not violated and destroyed and on the other hand you have to be careful that not everything is ambiguous.

Finally: you also try your hand at being a musician. Which song would describe Austrian politics well at the moment? A very early one from Bob Dylan: “The times they are a changin‘ ”.

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“The Greens are more than a one-man show,” said club chairman Albert Steinhauser and confirmed the departure of

Peter Pilz


Peter Pilz

leaves the green parliamentary club on Monday and considers taking up his own list. Gabriela Moser will find it difficult to keep her mandate in Upper Austria. Karl Öllinger is no longer running, as is Tanja Windbüchler-Souschill, and cultural spokesman Wolfgang Zinggl can only hope for a place on a Pilz list.

Separation with decency. Peter Pilz will leave the Greens Parliamentary Club on Monday, July 17. Statement from our club chairman Albert Steinhauser:

- Green Austria (@Gruene_Austria)

July 14, 2017

“Peter Pilz is leaving the green parliamentary club on Monday,” confirmed the chairman of the club

Albert Steinhauser

via video on Twitter. It is clear that Pilz cannot organize his own list if he is still active in the parliamentary club, said Steinhauser.

“We are now parting ways,” said Steinhauser, thanking him for the work and emphasizing that a “process of change” had already taken place before the federal congress.

“The Greens are more than a one-man show”

When it comes to the Eurofighter they still want to work together and write a corresponding report together with Peter Pilz – “Because control is important to us”.

In conclusion, Steinhauser states: “The Greens are more than a one-man show”


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